Project cargo involves the transportation of voluminous cargo required for turnkey projects. The movement of project cargo is often of high value, requiring financial security from the freight forwarder. As the project cargo market remains competitive and price driven, SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd sets to adapt itself to compete in the global marketplace.

At the start of a project, our specialists assist clients to thoroughly analyze every step of the transport process, anticipate problems and develop solutions. Our long term planning capability helps firms to smoothly execute their projects. All shipments are coordinated and controlled using advanced communications/data-processing technology and a proprietary system developed exclusively for our project work.  

SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd gives you total control of your project logistics management, in particular the coordination of over-sized shipments for engineering, power plant and construction projects. Through our flexibility and attention to detail, we help customs uncomplicated the most complex logistical challengers. At the core of our operations are years of professional expertise, which efficiently tracks and reports on your cargoes anywhere in the world. 

As a SAO BIEN's customer, you will benefit from a winning combination of innovative and integrated logistics management services together with attention to detail and personalized service second-to-none. 
At SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd, we have one clear objective :

To guarantee the on-time and safe delivery of your company's shipments.

We at SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd take on a disciplined approach to manage transport of project cargo, customizing solutions to keep pace with the demands of our clients. We provide services such as :

- Ship and Barge Chartering
- Global Air and Ocean Transportation
- Over dimensional Transport via Truck or Railcar
- Rigging of Heavy-lift Cargo
- Route Surveys
- Customs Clearance Services
- Logistics Cost Analysis and Estimating
- Representation of our Clients' interests during cargo handling
- Off-site Warehousing 
- Personalized Service by Experienced Project Logistics Professionals
- Preparation of technical calculations 
- Selection of transport mode 
- Development of loading schemes 
- Taking care of the quotation process 
- Generation of accurate survey reports 
- Arrangement for warehousing and insurance.

In moving heavy construction and plant machinery quickly and efficiently, SAO BIEN Logistics Co., Ltd has acquired an excellent reputation in the project cargo business. Our professionalism guarantees all-round solutions for shipments of oversize loads and heavy goods. This is essentially achieved through our multi-modal transport services and network contacts in various countries worldwide.